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Yoga - Ashtanga Basics !

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Yoga ' योग ' in Sanskrit means 'Union' or 'Sum Total'.  It is methodology that is the sum total of that can be. 'योग' makes practitioners ascend towards totality of existence.  योग is referred to a practice that paves the  way for unison with  'God' or 'Source Energy'; the 'Totality of Existence'. Mahrishi Patanjali is the considered the father of 'Ashtanga Yoga' , The eight limbs of yogic practice laid down in the verses of 'Patanjali Yoga Sutra' makes  ones consciousness ascend in a logical and practical manner.

Postures or Yoga Asanas, often mis-constituted as complete Yogic practice are only a part of the system. The system starts with training logical brain, progressively ascending towards development of the intuitive faculties leading to  ultimate consciousness ascension. Physicality of lifestyle, postures, breathing and processes is oriented towards channelizing  mental & etheric body energy in appropriate direction to strike a perfect balance of logical mind, intuitive faculties,  physical body, etheric body (Prana Koshaa & Naadis) & the universal consciousness residing in individuals (often called soul or spirit).