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Weight Loss Simply by Skipping  Exercise Visualisation
Contributory  Endeavor !


Hello Awesome Soul!

This is an opportunity for you to contribute towards validation of 'power of visualization' for weight loss while accomplishing it yourself, simply by creative visualization. Just sit back, relax, listen to the audio aiding visualization of skipping exercise for just 15 minutes a day;  five weeks at a stretch. Do let us know your feedback through facebook page messages and posts. Medical advice before undertaking the meditations is recommended for those who are undergoing treatment of any kind or have been advised to refrain from rigorous physical or mental exercise. By submission of this form and download of the audio for visualization, you agree to take part in this experiment, fully at your own will, considering all your personal situations. You may receive an occasional email from healingsforever.org for assistance and feedback.
Thank You ! All The Best ! Enjoy Meditating for a Better You !

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~ Downloading on Google Drive recommended on Mobile Phones & Tabs ~

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