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'Energy Instruments' & 'Energy Healing Aids' that can Measure & Boost healing

Affirmations have been used singe ages in forms of prayers and hymns in spiritual practices of various religions. These may be forms of phrases, poems, songs etc.  to increase effectiveness. Many of the Mantras are affirmations written in 'Sanskrit' & repeatedly chanted to generate positive energy.

-    Written on paper
-    Read Out Aloud
-    Mentally Repeated
-    Heard from Audio RecordingsBrain wave frequencies

Basic Rules for Writing Affirmations

-   Evoke emotions while beginning the affirmation. Widely used beggining - " I am so happy and grateful NOW that -  "
-    Make it precise. Do not mix diverse achievements. The word 'No' is literally prohibited. Focus only on what is desired.
-    Language should be such that it conveys that the achievement has already been accomplished. Adding he line  ”It is Done. It Is Done. It Is Done”, logically conveys to mind that what is sought has already been achieved. Placing a "NOW that" while starting affirmation also achiecves he same objective.
-    Set an accomplishment date. This is the only thing of future in the affirmation. For perpetual achievements, date may be skipped.
-    Add words of gratitude, joy, love and peace to increase energy.


Goal Cards

Goal Cards are the same as affirmations. These are subconscious conditioning tools whihc can be carried in the pocket and referred to more often. Business Card sized paper can be pockets in a plastic sleeve and used as a goal card.
1. Decide on what do you really want.
2. Make a Goal Card.
3. Place it in your pocket, wallet or any other personal frequently used space.
4. Refer to the Goal Card. Read feeling the emotions & visualizing  accomplished state.
5. Repeat at least 21 times a day. As many times as you can.


    Ho oponopono

This is an Hawaii healing practice of four simple lines.

I am Sorry.
Please Forgive Me.
Thank You.
I Love You.

The practice has been put across in an inspirational way in the Book 'ZERO LIMITS' coauthored  Joe Vitale and Dr Len. This can be sued for healing anything, an person or any situation. These four lines have omnipotent healing power.

Ho oponopono can be combined with a musical tune that can be hummed loudly or in the mind, like a rhyme. It helps in better focus and amplified intention towards the healing.'Mind Humm', as it may be called will help in quick recollection and easy use of these angelic healing verse.

 'Gnaural' - Binaural Beat Generator
Open Source Software & Android App (Tech)

Binaural beats is simply music, mediative and psychedelic sounds with mild difference of frequency of sounds in both channels. It is best suited for use with earphones. A humming effect produced by the resultant beats results in slowing don the brain frequency i.e theta state of brain waves. The method results in calming of mind and helps in achieving a trance like meditative sate much faster. It is widely used for Brain Entrainment. A number of platforms are avaible for the methodology and a very widely used software for the same in Gnaural. It is now available in Android app also. The  demo natural sounds in the application can be easily used for leisure hearing or meditating.

Healing and Forgiveness Prayers

Practicing forgiving and forgetting itself induces energy healing. It helps in immediate  disconnection from the source of unwanted energy.  This can be easily and effectively combine with healing self and healing the source of unwanted energy as well. All ancient traditions of practicing empathy, compassion forgiveness and service to others work in a similar manner.

Here is a set of forgiveness prayers which help in healing self & others through very simple affirmations.

 24 Reiki Position Self-Healing Guided Audio

24 Position Healing is a Reiki healing methodology for deep healing of physical body and complete Aura. All major body parts, organs and Chakras are well covered. This audio has been narrated and compiled by Reiki Grandmaster Ashutosh Bahuguna. Guidance for deep relaxation, invoking Reiki, positions, timing, transitions and visualisations is included.  Healers are advised to use the audio to get acquainted. Most use it for all 21 days. The audio is sound engineered with embedded binaural beat and relaxing sounds for ensuring deep relaxation, making the self-healing experience pleasurable.

Anyone can use this audio for a deep meditative experience. 
It will certainly help in self-healing.


  Reiki Healing Box ~ Wish Box

These are boxes for keeping a healing note and then healing. Many healing can be accomplished together. Notes are written in the form of affirmations accompanied by vibrations of the receiver in form of a picture, details of name place etc., pieces of clothes used by receiver or any other article used by the receiver.
  Pyramids are widely used for this practice.
All healing are usually healed together in one box making it a time management tool also. Pyramid shape ensures high level of energy generation for all healing.
Crystal linings, symbols, crystal grid arrangements, scared articles are often placed inside the box to elevate the healing energy.


   Crystal, Stones, Candles & Lamps - Grids





  P Symbols & Yantras


   Personal Altars

   Visualisation Boards, Posters, Desktop Wallpapers, Slideshows, Screen Savers (Mobile, Tabs and Desktops), Unlock Passwords

   Sri Yantra


All human beings are gifted with innate self-healing potential. Role of healing systems is to provide ideal restoration conditions. It is the self-healing capacity of individuals that actually heals them. We have been gifted with a powerful mind connected universal consciousness. Mental intentions in meditative states can work wonders.  The mental intentions can be used in an organised manner to self-heal at a faster rate. Meditative practices are known to increase effectiveness of all healing systems.

This self-healing meditation has been created and narrated by Reiki Grandmaster Ashutosh Bahuguna. It includes flavours of Yogic systems, Hypnosis, Creative Visualisation and subconscious condition for a powerful healing in just fifteen minutes. Embedded healing sounds and binaural beats increase the healing effectiveness of the meditation.

 The meditation can be used for deep relaxation is a short time as well.


L rods are usually made of copper. Actually any material can be used. They are made in various sizes that can be hand held. L-Rods are used as an instrument for meaning the aura. It is also used by many dowsing experts for locating underground water, mined metals, location of oil wells, Geopathic Stress lines etc. Intense focus and a relaxed mind gives excellent dowsing results with L Rods. The reverse also happens when one practices dowsing. The practitioners tend to get into meditative sates on their own, more and more often while practicing dowsing.

Measuring Aura With L-Rods
Step 1: Hold L-Rods in both hands, absolutely lose, as if  wind will be able to rotate the rods.  Hands are just supporting the rods. There are rods with sleeves, whihc make it easier. Beads or any other hollow article can also be used as a sleeve.
Step2: Support Rods Parallel to the ground, and parallel to each other,  pointing towards the person whose aura is being measured and give the intention of measuring the aura.
Step3. Ask the person to walk slowly towards you. At the place where the aura of the person reaches you, the rods will move either inwards or outwards.

PS: Sturdy and Thick Aluminum Hangars can be re-shaped into L-Rods easily.owsers


  Chakra Scanner / Bobber


   Peacock Feather


  Prana - Violet Healing Wand


   Smoke, Incense Sticks,


  Energy Lamp


   Aroma Oils


   Raw Sea Salt & Common Salt


   Himalyan Salt Lamps