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Simplify Meditation with some Axioms !

Axiom I

What is Important - Meditation or Meditative State.

The end result off the whole process of meditation is attaining meditative sates leading to conscious control of our mind for various benefits. Profound experiences ultimately leading to consciousness ascension are encountered in meditative states. It is immaterial whether the meditative state was during the meditation experience, or while engagement in any other activity or in-activity.

So what do you want to indulge in :-

1.    Meditation as a practice resulting in meditative sate for some time while doing


2.    Meditative States in everyday life as many times as you can. This will certainly include the meditation experiences also.

 You may make any choice. Ultimately everyone will be self-driven to the state in second choice after  sustained  experiential learning.


Axiom II

How Does Your Mind Store Information?

Where is Your Mind Located?

Here is a short video which gets to the crux of mind & brain matter !

  Brain is a memory organ supplied with information via sensory system. It stores all information accumulated by the body.

  Mind is a limitless entity which is formed by the information processing which takes place in the Brain.

   Ques. Where is the Brain located?   Ans. Head in case of  humans.It is akin to an electronic switching station or a computer device which stores all the data collected by the five senses, processes the information, stores the results & uses it for further.

   Ques. Where is the mind located?  Ans. 'Mind is where  you take it.' If you are thinking of the hand, it is in the hand. When thinking of the roof, it is in the roof, when thinking of moon,  it is in the moon. The expanse of logical mind is limitless depending on your conscious awareness of physical existence.

  Brain & Mind have interdependent functioning as well as roles.Physically relaxed Brain results in an efficient Mind & a calm Mind results in a physically relaxed & more efficient brain. At times the Mind & Brain  are used interchangeably; however,  the realization of the physical existence of brain and limitless potential of mind will  surely help in consciousness ascension.

   Neuro Linguistic Programming concept of 'Maps of Reality' explains the maps formed in our mind with inputs from all five senses with every new environment. These maps would be akin to videos with add-ons of smell, taste, touch and all other sensory inputs along with thoughts and emotions in a 3-D orientation format - as if it was occurring live. These maps of reality are like a basic platform building up the  mind. When one meets a friend, the mind scans through these countless Maps stored to arrive at one bearing the label of recognition of the friend. This is how we recognize our car, or house, or  use our memory to perceive something referred to in texts  and make choices in our daily lives. Clarity in the sensory inputs and uncluttered availability of the 'Mind Resources' leads to better Maps of Reality. One clearly remembers events that occurred at times of unidirectional focus.



Axiom III

What's in the Happy Mind ?
What state of mind causes Happy Emotions?

Here's a vedic concept that has helped me for last two decades !

What goes on in your mind when you see a beautiful scene which you appreciate & feel happy seeing it? A sunset for example.

What are the thoughts associated with the moment of appreciation causing the emotion of happiness?

When you feel happy looking at a sunset; practically there is no other thought in your mind. The intense focus of the scene being viewed filters and reduces all other  sensory inputs as well as thoughts for brief moments. The mind is so focused that it is filled only with intricacies of the sunset  & consequent appreciation leading to a 'happy feeling'. In fact there are moments where the mind goes blank and there are no thoughts in the mind. It is thus expected that prolonged blank state of mind leads to blissful ecstasy which will be logically akin to deeper and pronged emotion of happiness.

        Meditation practices of the yester years or modern times, all aim at extended blanking of mind for an experiential bliss. Energetically, cluttered thoughts in mind reduce connect with cosmic vibrations resulting in a reduced energy flow through the energy body. Reduced thoughts in the ‘Happy Mind’ paves way for an abundant , rejuvenating etheric body also, ultimately leading to overall wellness.

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Consider the approach by Jose Silva, founder of the legendary 'Silva Mind Control Method'.

"Through his professional knowledge, Silva already knew that reducing the resistance in an electrical wire allowed more electricity to flow through it (known as Ohm’s law). Using this theory as an anchor, he then wondered…

What would happen if you could reduce the resistance in the human brain?"

- Quoted  from http://www.silvalifesystem.com

Silva System Focuses 'Alpha' & 'Theta' brainwave states by ECG. These brainwave sates occur when resistance (clutter of thoughts) is reduced and the circuit of mind functions efficiently.

Axiom IV

What is 'Dhyan' - The Meditative Pre-Disposition !

 -Role of 5 Senses in MOR
- Focus for Sensory Inputs of body functioning
- Using focus to move concentration of mind with feeds from brain
- Utilizing the focus improved mind and brain efficiency.

Axiom V

Mind Conditioning - How does it happen
How do 'Meditative States' Help in different ways !

- Brain wave frequencies
- Most efficient range
- long term memory
- hypnosis & hypnosis conditioning
- self suggestions & affirmations in meditative states
- Better subconscious re-conditioning / block removal.
- Effective CB programming.
- Memorizing in meditative sates
- Intuition improvement & seeking guidance in  meditative sates
- Improvement in creativity
- Increased energy flow (Prana) with meditation

Good to Go? - Get to Meditative State NOWWW ... Otherwise you will keep reading on more ! 

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