Meditation is a natural methodology for  energy revitalization. It is certainly a natural phenomenon. Whether knowingly or unknowingly everyone has utilized meditative states for different purposes. Whenever conscious logical awareness is increased for controlled practice of meditative sates,  consciousness ascendance takes place. Consciousness expansion is often realized with enhanced life state and better achievements in all facets of  life. Meditative states often develop potential in inexplicable manner. We may call this intuitive guidance, extra sensory phenomenon or psychic guidance, the name does not matter. Regular meditative practice brings about profound changes noticeable by all including self.

Benefits of Meditation

1. Drives Self-Improvement : Changes in everything that co-exists with us occur whilst working inside out. "Improve self to make a better world".

2. Real Time Focus(Most Important) : Teaches us real time focus & high concentration on current activity i.e. every aspect of ours devoted to 'What is At Hand ' rather than  'What Was' or 'What Might Be'. This improves everything around us.

3. Physical & Physiological :
Mind controls all physical and physiological aspects of the body. Meditative states improve our physical & medical well-being.

4. Mental , Psychological &  Emotional  : Calmed mind, controlled thoughts, ideas and emotions are very well known benefits of meditation.

5. Consciousness Expansion & Ascendance :
Experiential meditative learning can be effectively used to develop latent potential which is beyond logical comprehension. Meditation stream makes all flow towards self-realisation of improved intuitive guidance which enhances potential to serve self & world better !

Mediation Resources For Beginners

Sit in comfortable posture, relax yourself, take your mind off regular mediation and follow the audio for a mediation experience.

Some Simple Meditations
Sublimnal Java - Relax Effortlessly  in Just 5 Minutes ! Work, Office Home, Traveling, Sports - Use a five minutes break to regain energy !
Relaxation and Om Dhyan (English). A very simple mediation combined with high vibrations of OM Sound for deep relaxation.

तनाव मुक्ति एवं ऊँ ध्यान |Guided Audio|Relaxation & Om Mediation (Hindi)

Meditation for Self-Healing (Can be used alongside any medical or healing methodology for improving effectiveness)

Improving Inner Focus - Spend 15 minutes for a few days and develop ability of achieving deep meditative states - instantly !

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