Simplified Meditation, Energy Healing & Consciousness Ascension
Create an Improved 'Now'
'Mind' creates the world we perceive, 'Consciousness' creates Everything.  Discover inner self to Discover all ...within !
||  Healing   ||
Simple ways of improving for Better

'Miracle Work' or 'Magic' is expected from healing. 'Essence of Healing' is improving anything, better than what it could have been. Making things better in any way are certainly miracles. 'All Can Heal' & do heal in some way or the other. Formal experience & practice of 'Energy Healing' improves capabilities to heal. A large regime of  energy beyond our five senses contributes much to our existence. Practicing 'Energy Healing' makes us aware & this energy. Harmonization with this energy aspect of  our existence is overly simple & awesomely effective. Healing accomplishments may include,
emotional balance, calmness of  mind, better self-control, improved confidence, life-state improvements, better creativity, improved focus, better work output, issue resolutions, physical benefits,  medical benefits, goal achievements & many other facets of our life.

Healing can also be effectively used as a fast paced methodology for experiential ascension of our consciousness. 'Intuitive' & 'Psychic' potential development is a latent benefit of all energy healing methodologies. This certainly helps in consciousness expansion resulting in an elevated life-sate.

It is often said that Logic has a limit whereas power of faith and intuition is limitless. How much ever we may try to run away from logical thinking, acceptance of the limitless potential of intuitive powers comes logically only. We dwell in a logical existence. Meditation, Healing & Consciousness development are simple methodologies which logically progress all towards undefined limitless potential beyond logic. It is certainly experiential. Mere knowledge of concepts, existence & practices will improve awareness - regular practice and experimental learning leads to  exponential ascension in multiple realms.

||   Meditate for Ascension   ||
Every Changes First Initiates Within

Modern science is still exploring the physicality of the organ called 'Brain' & entity called 'Mind' in various sates of conscious, subconscious, unconscious &  super-conscious awareness.

Vedic systems identified a mental 'Body', a part of our Energy Body. Emphasis on the physical 'Brain' was minimal. The characteristics affecting human behavior & actions were predominantly observed and studies for guidance. Vedic principles go much beyond the current understanding and guides us with the light of 'Chetna' ( चेतना ) in Sanskrit  translated as 'Consciousness' or 'Conscious Awareness' in English. Physical, mental and emotional consciousness are only a part of 'Chetna'. Highest state of 'Chetna' is conscious awareness and oneness with all existence, manifested and un-manifested, beyond time and space. Understanding, being aware and practice of simple meditative & healing methodologies can broaden our horizons of consciousness, resulting in limitless potential. The consciousness ascension process is accompanied by improvement in all facets, the soul touches. It simply improves life in some way or the other.

Mediation is a known method of experiential self-introspection. Same path is effectively used for improving whatever we do. Its is certainly a path to ascend in our conscious awareness as well as  intuitive guidance. Inaction may be associated with mediation & calmness. To a certain extent it is so. The outcome is designed to make the mind more 'Efficient', 'Focused'  & make you 'Do Better', of whatever you choose to do !

|| So Hum Meditation || सो हम ध्यान  ||
Excellent Way to Begin a Spiritual Journey independently.
Try it for 5 Minutes. It's This Simple.
Sit in a Comfortable Posture in silence,Close our Eyes, spine erect if possible. Breathe deep & easy. Observe the breath. Fill up the belly, breathing slow & deep.
Breathe In - Mind Hum 'So', prolonged.
Breathe Out - Mind Hum 'Hum' prolonged.
Experience the Awesomeness.
Accept  everything as is (सो हम)  and realize guidance from within.

" This is space provided by the cosmic energies for Awesome Energy Healing & Meditation resources contributed by a fellow soul on journey. "

These contributions are an expression of gratitude to all energies, forces and spirits of cosmos for providing resources, knowledge &experience through parents, family, teachers, friends, students, physical entities of the world & all co-journeying souls. Especially contemporary Guides & Path En-lighters Like  Dr Savita Sharma&Dr NK Sharma, Bob Proctor,  Dr Wayne Dyer, Dr. Daisaku Ikeda, Dr Joe Vitale, Carrol Tuttle, Nick Ortner, Vishen Lakhiani, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Brahmkumari Shivani, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and many others ..."

Make Good Use of it . All the Best ! 

Be Well - Always in All Ways!

"When You Learn to Live,You Live to Learn.
What One Knows is Never Owned - Knowledge is Divine ! "

Ashutosh Bahuguna

The contributor is a spirituality enthusiast & a practicing Reiki Grand Master; actively involved in Mediation practices, Reiki healing, hypnosis, dowsing, emotional freedom technique, crystal healing & yogic practices for making things better. The military veteran aviator of Indian Air Force is currently in corporate. This site has been developed and maintained by him for a social contribution.

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There is a simple and effective summary of Vedanta 'Darshan Shastra', 'Anand Prapti' or at attaining Bliss is the ultimate form of existence. 

'Anandoham' : I am Bliss

Anand Prapti is possible by emptying out the accumulations of existence .... Free Yourself.